How to overcome your fear in the gym.

Everyone has been there. Walking into a gym for the first time and feeling completely overwhelmed. You see all the jacked guys pounding out reps in the weight room and all the skinny girls on the cardio machines. The gym can be a very intimidating place – but it doesn’t have to be! First, you have to stop obsessing over guessing other people’s thoughts and get control of your own.

When I first started I would throw on a baggy dark shirt and pants and just try to blend in. I would hang out on the stepper that overlooked the weight room and watch everyone work out. I started to learn where certain machines were and how to use the weird looking ones just by simply watching from a far. I knew I wanted to start lifting weights and my goal was to make it into the weight room.

I found a program online and looked up how to do each exercise on YouTube. Having a plan and knowing how to do it will help you feel more confident in the gym. I knew what I was doing and exactly what I needed to do next. I wasn’t standing around wondering what to do or randomly jumping from machine to machine.

Getting control of your mind is the key to any success. If I started to feel my anxiety building up when I couldn’t find a certain machine, I would stop and always tell myself this: “If you leave because you feel like you look stupid in front of people then you’re the only one who is suffering.” They still get their workout in and go on with their day. If I leave then I am the one who will be depressed the rest of the day at home and not working toward my weight-loss goal. The serious lifters are way too into their own workout to watch what other people are doing anyway. The one’s who do sit there and judge people don’t know what they are doing either! That’s why they have time to sit there and people watch. They are just as lost as you and their opinions don’t matter.

Now I go into any gym with confidence and If I get weird looks doing hip thrusters in the middle of the gym floor, well at least I will walk out of there with a bigger ass. Hell, I’ll even make eye contact with the person who is staring at me from across the gym. 🙂

New video’s posted on YouTube!

I’ve noticed a lot of people are still confused on what “macronutrients” (macros – protein, carbs and fats) are and how to track them. I know that feeling; the thought of macros intimidated me when I first attempted Flexible Dieting back in 2013. Worse yet, the more research I conducted, the more confused I became. However, now that I have been doing it a while, I cant believe I was ever scared, and the act of counting them has become literally effortless. It stressed me out how there were people out there, who I knew were very motivated and ready to attack their goals, wanted to try Flexible Dieting, but couldn’t wrap their heads around where to begin with macros. I didn’t want something as silly as that to hold anyone back so I made a two-part video series to help them.
Part One shows exactly how to log food into the mobile application “MyFitnessPal”. In the video I show you how to search for food in the database, plan your daily meals out ahead of time so you adjust your portions so you can hit your macros every day. In the second part, I show you how to weigh your food that you have logged in the application. I hope this is helpful to my clients and anyone else who is in need!
Stay positive, once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!