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I was born in Cape Coral, Florida from very health conscious parents. They made sure I always had a homemade lunch to bring to school, never ate fast food except for once a year on road trips and that was known as a rare “treat”. Whenever we went grocery shopping my mother always made us read labels to make sure the sugars and fat were low-otherwise we couldn’t get it. I was always active and joining the gym with my father at the age of 11. I would regularly lift weights and was always “skinny”. Then high school came along where I got into the typical party scene and the gym faded into the back of my mind. I would rage on the weekends and eat fast food constantly – I don’t think I could go more than a week without Taco Bell (quesadillas-yum). Worse yet, I found myself smoking a pack of cigarettes a day!

After I graduated high school, and a couple years’ worth of partying and rarely working out I gained about 15 extra pounds. In 2010 when I got invited to go on a beach vacation, I knew I had to drop the 15 pounds fast and I only had 2 months. Like many people, I thought the key to losing weight was to simply eat very little and exercise more. So began my crash diet. I would have a small breakfast, one big meal around lunch and then wouldn’t eat again until the next day probably totaling 1,000 calories per day (ridiculous!). I would jump from machine to machine not having a real workout plan, and then do steady state cardio for about 45 minutes a day. I ended up losing 20 pounds, and a lot of curves, but I thought I looked great.

Once the vacation was over, the season was changing into fall and I thought “fuck it, I don’t have to show my body anymore and can cover up in hoodies now that it’s getting cold.” I went back to eating my normal way again and stopped working out. A short few months later I found myself at 182lbs! Even bigger than when I started my diet and I couldn’t wrap my head around how I still ate the same volume of foods but ended up bigger than when I started. I struggled with my weight and self-confidence for the next 3 years. I always pictured my true self to be that happy fit girl wearing cute spandex outfits when I was younger and always wanted to get back to that. That was me. I was always about a healthy lifestyle. That’s how I was raised. Being overweight, a smoker and boozer wasn’t who I was. I would hide under loose fit clothing and would keep telling myself I wasn’t overweight. Until I kept seeing myself in pictures and saying, “OMG, I look huge! That can’t be how big I am!” I shrugged it off and told myself it was bad angles.

In late November 2012 a picture popped up on my Facebook newsfeed after a friend commenting on it. It was of a girl who I went to high school with that I remembered always being the chubby girl. I was shocked to see her with abs and incredible arms she was flexing! That exact moment was when everything in my mind changed. I thought, “If she can do it – a regular girl – then no doubt I can do it too!” I begged my Dad to get me a personal trainer for my Christmas present, but he said no. He knew I could do it myself. I’m forever grateful for this because it made me educate myself to the point where I am today. I started reading tons and tons of articles on what supplements were the best, how bodybuilders ate and worked out.

I officially started my life style change on January 1st 2013 and the rest is history. I went from 182lbs down to 128lbs in 7 months primarily from weightlifting with a little high intensity cardio thrown in on the side. I knew smoking wasn’t going to help me run faster and the money I was spending on them could go to buying my protein so with that reason I was able to quit cold turkey after 4 years. I found my true passion in fitness along the way and became a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), one of the most technical and prestigious certifications in the industry. I am committed to continue developing my knowledge and abilities so I could inspire and coach others. That’s why I created Vobo Co Fitness, because I want to help women love themselves again and get the body and confidence they’ve always wanted! I want to help the women who were just like I was. I don’t care about helping random guys getting jacked or athletes become stronger or faster. I want to reach out to the women who don’t know where to start. If you’re in the group, you’ve come to the right place!

In 2016, I wanted to help my clients recover better so I enrolled to become a Massage Therapist. After 600 hours, and passing my MBLEX test I became a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am also fully insured. I love helping men and women take away their pain, relax their mind, and teaching them how to prevent the pain from coming back. Most recently, in 2018 I just completed an intensive 3 day workshop which allowed me to become a Certified Cupping Practitioner. I fully believe in what I do, and wouldn’t take the time to learn it if I didn’t believe it truly helps people heal.


  1. Hey Vanessa! You and I emailed a few months back about Macros. I’m excited to see your website up and running, it looks like you’re doing great so far! Can’t wait to check back in and read more posts! And just so you know, I’m right back where I was at macro counting lol. Well, it’s not funny actually. Apparently I wasn’t serious enough about it before, but that time has come. Time to figure this shit out!! Got my macros calculated, now just to figure out how to choose foods and plan meals – this is the hard part for me :/ Thanks for your site, your IG and your past emails to me!


    1. Hi Karra! I focused on splitting up body parts each day during the week and did strength exercises for each body part.I focused on Hypertrophy range which is 8-12 reps. I also lifted heavy enough to promote muscle growth and ate enough!


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