Massage Therapy is not a luxury, it’s nesseccary.


The human body contains 11 major organ systems. Massage can manipulate these systems in differing ways, based on the needs of the individual.

My goal is to change peoples views on massage. We need to stop viewing massage as a luxury and only getting one as a treat. It does SO much more for us than relaxes our minds for 60 minutes. As I started learning about the many unheard of benefits of massage, I knew I wanted to become a therapist so I can help people heal and educate them on the importance of getting one frequently. Here are the many benefits massage therapy has on each of our systems:

Circulatory System

Increasing blood flow

Increasing oxygen

increasing nutrients

increasing red blood cells

reducing heart rate

lowering blood pressure

Endocrine System

balancing mood

controlling stress levels

reducing cravings

inspiring relaxation

reducing pain

fulfilling the basic need for human touch

rebalancing the hormonal system

increasing desire

Digestive System

releasing tension in the abdominal muscles

releasing tension in the intestinal muscles

reducing bloat, gas and cramps

relieving indigestion

improving digestion by stimulating peristalsis

releasing digestive enzymes

relieving constipation

assisting with waste elimination

stimulating liver activity

stimulating kidney activity

Integumentary System

provides overall stimulation and health of the skin

stimulates sebaceous glands, which produce sweat

improves skin condition, texture and tone

stimulates sensory receptors

enhances tissue repair

enhances healthy scar formation

soothes and sedates the body through the power of touch

opens the skin’s pores assisting with waste elimination

removes dead skin

moisturizes skin

Lymphatic System

reducing swelling

reducing inflammation

relieving sinus congestion

reducing scar tissue

stimulating circulation

rehabilitating post-injury

rehabilitating post-surgical

complementing some forms of cancer treatments

Muscular System

stimulating the circulatory system

stimulating the nervous system’s sensory neurons

enhancing cell activity

helping to facilitate waste removal in the lymph system

releasing facial constrictions

assisting in reducing connective tissue thickening

providing flexibility

decreasing fibrous adhesions from muscle tissue injury or immobilization

enhancing range of motion

increasing tone

rehabilitating post-operatively

warming-up or warming-down muscles exercise


enhancing posture and balance

assisting muscle tone

facilitating movement

releasing facial constrictions

increasing flexibility

managing pain

Nervous System

decreasing heart rate

lowering blood pressure

constricting pupils

stimulating blood flow

regulating digestion

reducing inflammation

enhancing release of endorphins

regulating mood

influencing dopamine to control movement and elicit emotional responses such as pleasure and pain

stimulating the senses (touch, hear, smell, see, and feel)

assisting digestive movement and secretions

assisting body functioning, such as respiration, perspiration, and body temperature

Reproductive System

promotes general breast health

promotes relaxation

reduces blood pressure

loosens lower back muscles

assists prostrate treatments

reduces menstrual cramps

provides feeling of wellness

Respiratory System

deepens massage

improves lung capacity

relaxes tight, stiff or spastic muscles

reduce respiration rate

increasing blood circulation

increasing pulmonary functioning

promote expansion and contraction of the diaphragm muscles

deepens the breathing pattern releasing tension in the chest cavity

relieves lung congestion

stimulates blood flow

lower the respiratory rate

Skeletal System

improves posture

facilitates body alignment

improves stiff joints

reduces inflammation

increases range of motion

relaxes tight muscles and tendons

improves soreness and fatigue

increases flexibility

reduces the number of and intensity of muscle spasms

improves muscle tone

facilitates mineral retention

Urinary System

aids in increasing urinary output

reduces fluid retention

stimulates the digestive system

promotes better elimination of wastes

increases the efficiency of the liver

increases the efficiency of the kidneys

assists toxins stored in the muscles to be released



Have you changed your mind on Massage Therapy yet?

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