It all starts with a little bit of confidence.


I use to be humiliated by my before pictures(the far left photo was a month into losing weight). I told myself nobody would ever see how bad I let myself get. But instead of keeping that attitude, I now see that sharing them can actually help inspire a lot of people. If you think “I’ll never have that body, it’s not in my genetics” or “I have so much work, it’ll take too long” get that mentality out of your head! I never thought about how long it would take, and I never had a deadline for reaching the body I wanted.

A picture just like this from someone else is what lit the fire under my butt. Seeing an average chunky girl I knew in high school, that turned herself into a muscular bad ass woman is what gave me the confidence that I could do it because someone “normal” did! It has been history ever since.

What’s my secret? I believed I could do it and so I did do it! I was consistent with my diet and exercise. I didn’t give up after a week or two of not seeing results. I didn’t look for a quick fix. I stuck to something I could do the rest of my life, and that is why 3 years later my results are only improving.

The time is going to pass anyways, so why not start now? By summer you will be kicking yourself for not starting sooner

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