Embrace your stretch marks.


They can appear on any size body. Thin or Thick. They can be light or dark and happen anywhere from creating a human being, puberty, gaining or losing weight.

I didn’t discover my stretch marks until I lost fifty pounds. They were on my lower back (love handles), hips and up and down my inner thighs. I was so self-conscious and embarrassed – no way in hell was I going to let anyone notice them! After losing weight I wanted to show off my new body so bad with crop tops and short shorts. Sadly, all the cute clothes exposed every flaw and I wouldn’t even allow myself to leave my bedroom without covering them up.
It wasn’t until a year after my weight loss that I learned to embrace them. They weren’t going anywhere so letting them control my happiness no longer made sense. It wasn’t until I started to think differently that I became comfortable in my new skin.
To me, stretch marks signify you going through huge changes. They are a part of your journey. They are proof you did something amazing. You created the body of your dreams in a fairly short amount of time and you worked your ass off to do it. Perhaps you went from being a teenager to a woman with curves. Whatever you went through, you earned them and they are your battle scars.
If every woman proudly showed their stretch marks, it would be like throwing up two middle fingers to a society that makes women think they need to live up to skinny, blemish-free photo-shopped bodies that even their favorite celebrities don’t look like in person. It would teach women how to be perfectly happy with how they are instead of physically perfect. How amazing would that be if Kim Kardashian was on the cover of a magazine with her stretch marks and cellulite visible but posing so beautifully? How many young girls do you think that would inspire to love themselves and not strive to be perfect?
We must embrace the things we cannot change, and shouldn’t have to change, in order to feel beautiful. I proudly wear shorts now that expose my stretch marks. Why? Because I did something amazing that I put in a lot of dedication and sweat into. I transformed my body and those stretch marks tell my story. I will never be ashamed again for how my body looks, and if someone is going to judge me and look at me in disgust, then let it be – their opinion is none of my business anyway and besides, the important people in my life appreciate what I accomplished.

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